What to Expect

Here at Rawhide we do everything possible to insure that our hunters have the best quality outdoor experience possible. We have a passion for what we do and your total satisfaction and success is what we strive for. This is achieved by providing experienced, knowledgeable guides, having good country to hunt in, reliable horses and equipment, and good strong willpower!

Reservations: Reservations for any hunt may be made by calling us to arrange for available trip dates. We generally only book two hunters per week for bear, elk, and deer (one per hunt for lion and specialty hunts) which we believe is a big contributing factor for effective resource management that provides healthy game availability and success from year to year. We request a 50% deposit at time of booking and then the remaining balance is due 30 days before your hunt.

Cancellation Policy: Due to the length of our hunting season and the limited openings available, we are unable to refund advance payments or deposits if you cancel your hunt. However, you have the option to transfer your deposit to another individual pending license and tag availability. If you are concerned about the possibility of having to cancel, we suggest that you consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance from a travel agent.

Once your hunt is booked: It’s important for us and a benefit to you that you know as many details about your hunt as possible. To aid in this:
• We encourage phone call and/or email to share advise and answer any questions or concerns you may have as you plan your hunting adventure.
• We send our hunters equipment suggestions and a gear list.
• A menu questionnaire is also sent to insure the meals for your hunt are to your tastes and likes, making adjustments for food allergies and diet restrictions.

Weapons of Choice: We believe a hunter is better off with lesser fire power that you can be comfortable and accurate with, than too much fire power that you are not able to accurately shoot. Knowing our limitations with a gun or bow is important. Occasionally there have been situations where an excited hunter could not draw the bow string. If you choose to hunt archery it is essential to be able to draw your bow with ease. Remember this, a good shooting 270 or 30.06 with the right bullet or a good shooting 50# bow with the right arrow and brood head will efficiently put any animal in North America down.

Hunting Wound/Loss Policy: If a hunter wounds an animal, Idaho law requires that every effort is made to retrieve it. We take this serious as this precious resource is limited. We will consider an animal wounded by a hunter his or her animal and will spend the remainder of the hunt searching for it. It would be unsportsmanlike and irresponsible to do otherwise.

Physical Preparation: The Salmon River country can be physically challenging. Having limber joints and flexible muscles will make your hunt more enjoyable. Our hunters and guides often spend a lot of time hiking on steep rugged terrain. Having or acquiring a good exercise program months before your hunt is a good idea to insure you have the best possible outcome for your hunt.

Liability and Safety: We make every effort to ensure that your hunt is enjoyable and safe. Your guide will give you instructions before and during your hunt so it is important that you listen and follow these instructions. During your hunt, you will assume the responsibility for many decisions that could affect your safety. These activities can be physically demanding with inherent elements of risk and dangers that are beyond our control. We do not assume liability for personal injury or death. We require a signed release that we provide and all participation is at your own risk. Different types of hunts require varying degrees of fitness. We are not qualified to evaluate your fitness so you must evaluate your own fitness as appropriate for any given hunt. If you are overweight or in poor physical condition, it would be best to consult your physician before you book your hunt.

Hunt Schedule: Our 6-day hunts always begins on Sundays and go through Fridays. A dinner is prepared at our home to welcome our hunters on Saturday evening. God richly blesses us and we give him honor and glory by attending church each week. We are Seventh Day Adventist Christians so on Saturday we go to church! For those hunters who have longer hunts after six days of hunting with us you will be ready for a rest! And then the hunt will resume the next day, Sunday.