Because of John and Cathy’s love for the outdoors, specifically the Salmon River Valley, and the desire to spend their lives doing what they enjoy and sharing it with others, they started Rawhide Outfitters in 1989. As sons Justin and Luke have grown up in this special way of life, they now are looking forward to sharing and instructing each of their children, Sage, Jared and Noah, in their many areas of expertise in the great outdoors.

“Our goal in this family business is for your satisfaction and pleasure. We are interested in the quality of your experience, not in the quantity of guests.”

Johnny Cranney

In 1989 my family and I began Rawhide Outfitters. This business allows me the gift of living my dream with the added blessing of working with my boys Justin and Luke, along with our guide Nick, who also shares a great passion for hunting and the outdoors.

I have a great love and respect for my wife, Cathy who is the secret to our success. She pays attention to the little details that helps to ensure our hunters have a great experience and that they eat like a king in camp.

We are richly blessed to have our recreation business in Salmon Idaho, one of the finest places on earth. With the Salmon River running through it we are able to outfit year round. From hunting to fishing, to horseback riding and river rafting, there is something for everyone. We have spent years to acquire the resources we need to provide for activities under different weather conditions to serve our clients better. We are very conservation minded and hunt humanely.

We strive to give our clients more than they expect! We believe each client is unique and we do our best to listen to and understand each person goals and needs. Being aware and building relationships help us to tailor each hunt to their physical capabilities. Through the years we have had the honor and privilege to guide many hunters. It’s these amazing folks that keep us motivated. We really appreciate the sincere, genuine friendships we have gained.

Throughout the years we have experienced continued success. We have made a science of it with a system that lends itself to the conditions. This includes the land we hunt, the equipment, horses and dogs, years of hands on experience knowledge, etc. The benefit of a family owned, small business is my boys and I know what to expect from each other, and we make it work regardless of the situation.

Through the years people have asked me often “What do you like to do the most?” I think variety is the spice of life. From hunting to fishing it changes with the seasons. I love it all.

Luke Cranney

I can remember how excited I was when my dad was going to start our outfitting business. It’s hard to believe that it has been over 29 years ago that my family and I were sitting around the table trying to figure out what to call our new business. Rawhide Outfitters! This has not only been an amazing way of life for me and a passion, but part of my livelihood. I also own and operate a tree service business here in Salmon called Cranney Tree Service.  Being born and raised in Salmon Idaho I’ve had incredible experiences hunting, river running and fishing. I feel that our business has given me a rare opportunity to experience many diverse outdoor adventures. From white water rafting and trail rides to countless hours running drift boat chasing salmon steelhead and trout. With the fall comes my very favorite season, hunting season. It doesn’t get any better than bugling bull elk or tracking down amazing bighorn sheep. I consider myself to be a passionate person and try to give 100% in everything I do. God has blessed me with a wonderful wife Des. We have two incredible little boys Jared and Noah. We love them so much and are very proud parents. Being a good husband and dad is my number one goal in life. Having a great family and doing what I love makes the future look bright and makes me feel excited for what’s to come.

Justin Cranney

I feel very fortunate to be part of our family outfitting business. It has allowed me the opportunity to share my love of the outdoors and given me the privilege of guiding our hunters on some really exciting hunting trips.

Each hunter is different, and I work hard to make sure our hunters have a really good time within their physical capabilities. I love this Salmon River country and have a passion to make sure that our guests have the best quality and safest experience possible. Our hunters are a lot of repeat clients who have become really good friends over the years. I’ve sure met a lot of really nice folks and look forward to meeting new ones. Most days going to work for me are truly a pleasure!

I look forward to each season and the variety of hunting or fishing it offers. My job certainly never gets boring! Even breaking and training new horses or dogs, I enjoy it all, be it the prep or the hunt there is never a dull moment for sure!

Hunting is my passion. The great outdoors is my office. Our goal is to be productive. The reason we guide is so that our hunters have a good time.

I really can’t picture myself being anywhere else or doing anything else.

Nick Wolf

Several years ago I met a pilot who shared stories of flying and hunting in Idaho’s backcountry. I am from Wisconsin and have been an avid hunter (both archery and rifle) all of my life. His stories of the backcountry and hunting in Idaho with Rawhide Outfitters inspired me to contact Rawhide. I had always wanted to hunt in the mountains and the backcountry.

I have been living in Idaho and guiding with Rawhide Outfitters going on 4 years now. Moving to Idaho was a big change for me, and it has exceeded my expectations. I love the mountains, the challenge of being so far away from the roads, and lots of people. It’s cool we have such a large area to hunt in. We are licensed in 4 different units. So I get to see a lot of country. I like that we are in different spots week to week, doing something different each day.

I have learned so much working with Johnny, Justin and Luke. I really like the spot and stalk, the glassing, the hiking, horseback riding and pack trips. I had never even rode horses before I came to Idaho. Now I ride continually.  The backcountry Dutch oven meals are fantastic.

We are so fortunate to meet and get to know people from all over the world, and especially like getting to see our repeat clients each year. All in all Idaho is the best state in the lower 48!

Johns Ram

Father / Son Hunt

My dad, John Cranney, owner of Rawhide Outfitters, was able to fulfill his lifetime goal of hunting a Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep, and I was fortunate enough to be with him. This was one of those special memories that will be forever etched in our minds. I would like to thank Dad for this special time we spent on this amazing hunt. It will always be one of my favorite memories!

We would also like to thank God most of all for the blessings He gives us and the health we have to be able to climb the mountains, and of course, for all of His beautiful creations he has given us to enjoy and be stewards of. Luke Cranney